Web Sites To Explore

There are thousands of web sites on the Civil War. Here are just a few for you to explore.


Some of the best resource pages for a wide range of information on all topics related to the Civil War are:

Abraham Lincoln Online provides many links to resources on the president.


Harriet Tubman and the Underground Railroad is another informative site written by kids.


Get a look at the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution along with other interesting historical objects at the National Archives.


Visit the White House for history, information on government, and a special site for kids.


Everything you ever wanted to know about artillery is on the Civil War Artillery page.


Visit the Civil War Ironclads Page to learn about these ships.


The Ulysses S. Grant home page offers tons of information and allows students to ask questions.


Enter the tent at General Lee's Headquarters.


Over 1,100 of Mathew Brady's photographs of the War can be seen at this Library of Congress site.

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